A Prairie Home Companion American Revival with Garrison Keillor
Saturday, Nov 26, 2022 7:30:pm

A Prairie Home Companion American Revival with Garrison Keillor


This is a great country. It gave the world Broadway, baseball, rhythm & blues, hamburgers, and the belief that hard work and better ideas are what matter. ITs not about uniformity, thats China. Its not about oligarchs, thats Russia. Its the land where talent beats privilege and the crowd cheers for the underdog and we can disagree about facts but we prefer them to fantasy. Its not about COVID or carjacking or corruption so lets get our chins up and sing about the beauty of the land and the rainbow our people were looking for, the rivers they crossed, their high hopes for their kids. Weve heard enough about despair, lets take a night in NYC to have a big time with Garrison Keillor, Heather Masse, Christine DiGiallonardo, Rob Fisher and the Demitasse Orchestra, Richard Dworsky, Pat Donohue, Walter Bobbie, Sue Scott, Tim Russell, Fred Newman, the Guys All Star Shoe Band, our Actors, and the Host Himself who is very happy to be 80.

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123 West 43rd Street New York 10036

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