Kool & the Gang
Friday, Feb 10, 2023 8:00:pm

Kool & the Gang


Kool & the Gang got its start when a group of five high school buddies got together in 1964, performing contemporary, funk-based harmonies and arrangements. After the release of several albums featuring the lead vocals of J.T. Taylor, the group hit mainstream fame in 1973 with its album Wild and Peaceful, which featured mega hits like Funky Stuff, Hollywood Swinging and Jungle Boogie. They followed this success in 1980 with their blockbuster hit Celebration, which is considered by many to be the iconic musical anthem of the era. During the 1980s, they followed with a string of hits, including Cherish and Fresh. As musical styles changed into the 1990s, the next generation of hip-hop performers acknowledged how much they had been influenced by this pioneering group, and awards and accolades soon followed, including the National Association of Recording Merchandisers Chairman Award in recognition of the group’s staggering record sales.

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3000 Paradise Las Vegas 89109

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